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On a positive note today!


I have not lost the ability to love. Please don’t be fooled by my former posts!! On the contrary, I think I now really found the ability to love. Why? Because I finally learned to love myself.  The first step to honestly loving other people.


I feel great in my “new” life. The fear of being single has completely vanished. I actually enjoy it immensely. I have good friends that know who I really am and take me as I am, with the good and the bad.


The negative voice of my ex, saying that people were only friends to take advantage of me ( he especially meant men, of course) is gone. He is SOOOO wrong. I found out that there are honest, nice, reliable people out there. People who reach out a helping hand, give a soft spoken word of encouragement, send a mail or sms just to let you know that they are there if you need them. And quite often that’s just about what I need. Enough to keep me going another day.


I know I still have a hard battle ahead. The words I heard yesterday are proof of that. I was informed that “he would not divorce me, because then he had to pay me alimony”. Well, I have to say that I wasn’t surprised to hear that. If it would be the other way round, rest assured he would do everything in his power to get all the money he could get.  It shows me yet again the low life he is and the value he treasures. But I also assure you that that remark made me laugh. Just because it did not surprise me or hurt me one bit.


Every day we are dealt cards. For a long time, I got the wrong cards in hand. But lately all the cards I am being dealt daily are so good. It’s amazing what you find out when you are NOT looking to find out.


I feel protected by my guardian angel and my guide. I know all the cards will fall into place eventually. The timing will be right when I set out to do what I have to do, what I am forced to do. And that’s why collecting my strength and tend to it as if it were a delicate plant, is now my first priority.


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*** Way to go!!!

WAY TO GO!!!!!!


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