Hypocrisie, Narcissism and Megalomaniacs

What a day!

One more time my ex cheated on me, not with another woman, but with the tax return papers. He kept all expenses for himself, so he can have a bigger tax return then me. He even takes the anticontraceptive pill, considering all the medication expenses he has.Verstomd Most of those expenses had been paid by me.

Considering, apart from that I moved out, leaving behind a very luxurious villa with all amenities and renting an apartment while still pay half of all expenses of the house, I am really sucked dry by this man, who only landed in Portugal because of my father and got work because of my fathers connections. This is man that had nothing and was given everything in his lap. He proved today once again that he will NEVER allow me to have anything if he has something to say about it.

In full Taurus mode I went for the head on confrontation. And who started screaming at me, well my venom-in-law. She went completely berserk. The things she said to me, you wouldn't believe it.

The mask came of, an ugly face replaced the mask, an old grey face, full of hatred, bitterness, frustration, a face full of "miserable" wrinkles, you know the sort you get when you cannot smile out of your heart, but just a pretend-smile. I was rooted to the ground for just a minute, regained my composure, straightened my back, threw my shoulders backwards and in stead of backing away from her , I just stepped into her, making HER back away. That made her go completely over the edge. She actually tried to throw me out of my own house.

More things were thrown in my face. Things I have known for so many years, were confirmed there and then. Poison kept on pouring out of her, an ugly green stream of nasty words, meant to hurt, to put down, to kill.

Only, these words funnily enough did not hurt me, because I knew she always thought them about me, these words just passed me by, giving me confirmation, but not stopping in my heart. Actually she was/is pathetic.

She screwed up her own two children, made such insecure adults of both of them due of her need for complete attention and her immense uncertainty that she has created this scary megalomaniac personality, just as her son has this megalomaniac treat. Narcissism all over the place. And the only thing they know what to do is thinking of how they can hurt other people so they don't have to feel that frustrated.

It's sad. The other child is a complete screw-up, who cannot even behave as an adult amongst people, a person without a backbone.

I have to stop judging, because it is not nice to judge and certainly not my job. But I have been observing this weird dysfunctional family for over 20 years, and I knew there was something very wrong with them. Close at the edge are they of becoming sociopaths that would destroy anything or anyone crossing them.

They are a scary bunch.

I pray every night that this will end. That I can disconnect from them completely. But you know, the coming days, I still have to go there to pack the rest of my stuff, and the shitty stuff they left behind. I have already decided I wll not take that. I will give it to someone who needs it. I prefer to buy new plates, glasses, cutlery. Get rid of the bad energy that is surely attached to these objects. That's also why I refuse to take any furniture with me.

And today , in all the commotion, I got a glimpse of the near future. They say "What goes around , comes around". Well, that was the glimpse I got today, and I can see the coming around is already starting to happen. Pretty soon it will be full-blown in their faces.

Tomorrow another difficult day, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.....I see it, I feel it, and this is something I have not seen or felt in a long time. The end is very near.




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