Today has been a weird day.

First it started with me not being able to wake up. Luckily it was a public holiday, so no gettingup early.

Then it was all the dreams I had and remembered into detail. Weird stuff as well. Don't know what is going on lately, but I have these sort of dreams that I remember clearly and I dream in "episodes". It's like having one's own TV-show. 

When I finally managed to open my eyes and keep them open, I jumped out of bed. I am a quick starter, I can get up and be active immediately. So after a shower I felt a bit less hazy in my head.

Off I went shopping with Stofke, who wanted to buy a new game with his monthly allowance. Me, I found some hot boots to expand my boots collection, still on sale ( 60% off), so I was happy.

The rest of the day was spent in a weird state of consciousness, that I wouldn't really be able to call "here" at all. I moved in between the living room, kitchen and bedroom, without a real goal to accomplish, thinking that I actually should be doing this and that, but not being able to get into any real action. I hate myself when I am in that state.

And so the day passed by again. I might stop by at the Carnaval party at Obar later on ( I hate Carnaval, but what the heck, I will not go through the trouble of getting dressed up). Perhaps it will make a good ending to this off-day that I am having.

But in any case, the weird mill in my mind doesn't seem to want to stop today as well -- it actually started yesterday night while trying to get to sleep--. I am struggling with myself, as I have been so often in the past. Sometimes we are just our own worst enemy. And today I am that exactly.

I wish that one day things will become a bit easier--just a tiny bit-- because all this stress and uncertainty is wearing me out, but it is probably my lesson in life, to learn how to live with uncertainties. Something I really don't like very much, although I have to admit that it does make life more "exciting", and this can be in a positive or negative way.

I also am cursing myself for once again being stupid and worry about a person that doesn't really deserve my worrying. But I do it anyway, it's my nature. And immediately I was punished by another one of his manipulative emails trying to frighten me. I've had enough of that as well. I feel like being kept hostage by him and there is nothing I can actually do, as long as the answer is NO to all my proposals. I have given up on those proposals hoping he will take another stand, But to no avail...Wenkbrouw ophalen. I want to leave my past behind me...start afresh completely, without the choking feeling of still being controlled in all aspects of my life. I ignore it most of the time, but sometimes it comes back to haunt me.

Enough complaining for now. Head up, shoulders straight and on we go to fight another day......




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Sorry to say, there will be more of these days in the future. Anyhow, they have their usefulness, to learn to cope with your worst enemy ;-)

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