Thank You !


I visited my own blog today and read commentaries on one of my recent posts. One of them was from my friend.


When I was going to my “roughest” phase (that is until now, but let’s stay optimistic), she was there, literally, accompanying me day by day, witnessing very high altitudes and very low depths, witnessing the stepping forwards and backwards, the changes, the confusion, the hurt, the happiness at some moments because of a tiny word, gesture from someone who I was important to me at the time, and who I thought would forever be important in my life.


She was a pillar of support, a book of wisdom, although she is much younger, a shoulder for me to cry on.


The day she left me on my own (physically, never in her mind or heart) I cried, I was frustrated, I knew I had to face him alone from now on, day after day, without that moral support, sitting right opposite me, giving me that smile, that head shake, indicating that she knew exactly how I felt when he was at his worst once again. She actually risked everything, because she knew very well that he is a very bitter person who is unable to forgive, so she faced his wrath day after day. He used and abused her verbally at will, disrespecting her and her work, and still she hung in there, kept on rooting for me and supporting me despite the “danger”.


Therefore I would like to thank her, like this, in writing, via my blog, knowing that one day she will read it, together with other people I regard as special, to acknowledge what she did for me, and what it meant to me. Thanks Amiga …..Gosto de ti e permanecerás para sempre no fundo do meu coração!


About the “other” person I thought to be special...well he disappointed me very deeply. He was not courageous at all, on the contrary, his cowardice was so great I became to regret I ever met him. However, despite my disillusion with his attitude, I must never forget that he was in my life for a reason. Without him I certainly wouldn’t have been able to “open” my eyes from the blindness that had been there for so long. Without him I would never have been able to “jump” out of the cage that kept me. Without him I would never have become the person who I have become today, a person that has grown and is still capable of growth every single day. So actually I have to thank him as well. So to him, thanks and bye for ever, because I will not look back on you and mourn the friendship I thought we had and which you chose to abandon out of fear. I don’t condemn you any longer, I forgive you. I hope that one day you will be able to open your eyes, change and find the happiness you are seeking so desperately in the wrong places.


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