For Fun : Google Translations

Just for fun , I decided to translate one of my older posts in English via the Google translator. The following was the result -- it's more like Chines to me, but hey, who a I?



 'k Ben just my graceful smoeleke cases .... How do they now ask you away?
Well, it takes a floor of sweetened Belgian stone, which is consistent with linseed ingevet, we put them a few boots with high heels and a leather sole, with these ingredients to give a fierce Crisje that progress must quickly and gracefully as the floor, and almost with her smoeleke by the glass of the keukendeur is happy ... this is a pivot ran door flew open with saying that the violence was used against her. Thus came Crisje just hard on her plump little right knee. 
I am but efkens just sit on the ground to obtain ... because it did efkens very much, but it could be much worse. I have now but my sloefkens served with a rubber zooltje ....

Ok, does this make any sense ????

So now for a decent translation, done by Moi:

" I just fell on my cute little face... How does she manage that, you will suerely ask yourselves. Well, we just take a floor of black treated hardstone, just cleaned with line seed oil, a pair of high heeld boots and leather soles, we give these ingredients to a very active Crisje, who has to be on her way out quickly and thus slips gracefully on the kitchen floor... luckily the doors are pivoting doors, which opened nearly entirely by themselves by the violence directed towards them. Therefore Crisje landed only landed on her nicely shaped knees and not her face....

I then stayed on the floor for while to catch my breath, because it did hurt a little bit, but it could have been so much worse. So now I am wearing rubber soled slippers! "

This also doesn't make any sense, I know, but at least you can understand it Knipogen




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WOEHAHAHAHA!!! schitterende vertaling!!! Heb niet alles gelezen maar 't is gewoon hilarisch!!!

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