Mornings and Confusion

On my normal mornings, I wake up and take my time for breakfast, as I enjoy that. I used to read during breakfast, but that has been replaced by facebooking.

It relaxes me, I peruse through the latest posts , give a comment here and there, try to accept some requests. It actually prepares me for the day ahead.

Monday morning though I stumbled on a post by a friend. I was sitting there for a while with my mouth full of teeth -- a typical Flemish expression, translated very literally, which means "i was speechless" or more particularly in this case, how to interpret or react/not react to that post.

I find it either a very blunt and open statement of someone who is coming to his/her senses, after inner fighting, or else it is just extremely hypocritical. Which way to go in my interpretation...I really do NOT know. I will need more info. Which, btw, I am still waiting for. Just that U know it.

PS: I decided after serious ponderation to leave a comment. I wonder , are doors opening or closing....my intuition tells me which option it is. I will wait and see....as always. 

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